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Project Description
A useless project that exploits security weaknesses in WHTBB for educational purposes.
In order to *not to harm anyone* we'll be releasing the information in two stages : on the first stage I'll publish a somewhat obfuscated source code (so the game developers can fix everything up) and in the next stage I'll publish a simplified source plus analysis so everyone would be able to use it !

(Note that this is not a complicated method or anything special, I've released the source to public as many people asked for it !)

DISCLAIMER : This code and tutorials are provided for educational purposes only and are just meant to be examples for those who are interested in programming and related fields.
The code is provided "AS IS" and is not meant to be useful at all ! Use the provided information at your own risk and responsibility, We do not take any responsibility for any harm that you may cause to yourself or any 3rd parties.

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Learn more about "Who has the Biggest Brain" game here :
The original Discussion page :

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I'm looking forward for your feedback / feature requests ! feel free to write a review and/or leave comments !

Farzad Eshaghi

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